Solo project – some basics

Hi everyone,

in this blog I will give you an overview on what the Nutronixx project is all about and I will also inform you about the progress of the production, but let’s start with a few basics and clarifications first.

As I said before, this is not the first time that I have worked on a solo project on the side. Please check the history page for more information on my previous solo work.

Some people have mentioned that I have worked with other bands and artists in the past, such as My Favourite Toys from Berlin. But this doesn’t really count as a ‘solo project’ because most of the time this was just ‘payed work’ as a producer/sound-engineer for those artists in my own music studio. The creative input from my side during these productions was minimal and very limited, although I must say that in the above mentioned MFT project, my own “fingerprint” is very audible and cannot be denied 😉 So no, generally those colaborations and productions do not count as solo projects.

More soon …