Production News January 2019

For those of you who would have thought that I fell into winter sleep 😉 I can assure you that this was not the case. Instead I was recording the vocals for the upcoming album over the last few months.

Apart from the usual winter cold, which kept me away from recording for a few weeks, because I sounded like a gagged chipmunk 😉 I have finished recording the vocals in the middle of January.

Due to the fact that I have recorded a lot of variations for each song part, I will now spend the next few weeks separating the good takes from the not-so-good takes. When this is done, I can begin with the mixing of the album.

What does “lots of variations” mean?
Because of the fact that I’m recording all by myself this time, instead of having a sound engineer/producer sitting in the mixing room behind the desk, telling me what to change, I have to decide myself what’s good and what’s not so good. This can slow down the recording process or interrupt the creative flow and so I keep on recording the same part of the song (for example the verse or the chorus) in a loop and keep all resulting takes for later selection. Finally I’m listening to all takes and only keep the ones which are having a nice mood, color or maybe a slick vibrato that was tricky to repeat. Most of the time I have between 10 or 20 of these takes for each song part and the abillity to select the best takes really optimizes the resulting performance in a wonderful way 🙂