Production News June 2019

In the past 6 months I have been looking at and selecting the previously recorded vocal recordings. For each song I had recorded about 300 vocal parts or variations (takes). In this respect, it was a quite complex activity, which finally took longer than expected.

In the January Info I had described why it was necessary and useful to record so many takes and variations for this production. After finishing the work described above, I am happy to say that the result was even better than originally expected.

I also noticed another thing during the recordings and during the vocal editing. Since I had no support or influence from a producer or sound engineer during the vocal recordings, I was much more relaxed, and open to do some experiments, that I wouldn’t normally do if I was “under observation”. This way the vocals have gained a lot of depth while sounding very convincing. Compared to earlier recordings, there is a clear improvement that I didn’t expect.

In the next months I will be busy mixing the 13 songs. A progress report will follow in summer.