The history of the Nutronixx songs

Even if The Twins haven’t released albums including new songs very rarely after their last official album “The Impossible Dream” back in 1993, I have always composed new songs every once in a while.

While the Twins could not make any decision for a new regular album for a very long time, I had archived all those compositions and I kept reviewing many of them over the years. I have changed, added and removed bits and pieces and tried to make them better or converted them to a more modern style, when I thought that they sounded a bit outdated. So chances are good that some of them were born as a typical 80’s synth-pop influenced tune and ended up two decades (!) later as a more Dance/EDM/Trance influenced piece of music.

But that’s not only true for the Nutronixx songs. There will be one song on the upcoming Twins album, which I had composed around 1994 and which I constantly overhauled throughout the years. In fact, at some point I even had lost the sequencer file* from my Atari 1040 computer and the Emagic Notator software (both completely outdated nowadays) and only had a cassette tape left with a rough mix of that song. So I had to recreate this song from memory and by listening to the old tape.

Fun fact: About two years ago, I made a terrible mistake on my music computer and as a result I had fully lost the sequencer file* for a song that I had worked on for many weeks. Unfortunately the backup files were also destroyed 😡 So I had to recreate this song from memory, which was very tricky because it included a lot of short audio snippets, which had to be fiddled together again. At one point during the reconstruction process, I couldn’t fully remember how the chord progression of the refrain exactly was. So I kept trying a few things and to my own surprise ended up with a chord progression that did sound massively catchier than the original one. Lucky me! 😀
(The mentioned song will be included on the next Twins album, by the way)

Additionally, there were many compositions along the way, which only existed as a very basic structure for a very long time and which needed further review and additional parts and polishing. Sometimes you come up with a basic idea, but somehow the main melody doesn’t cut it as needed, for example. That’s when you put the whole thing aside and then come back later for another review and hopefully with some new ideas. I guess that I have a good dozen of those song skeletons hovering somewhere, waiting to be finished some day. More Nutronixx albums ahead, right?

To summarize the above: There will be some songs on the first Nutronixx album who had to wait a long time to be included on a release finally, but there will also be some songs which were composed not so long ago.
Basically, as a composer, most of the time you don’t knock out songs off the cuff. Composing can be a process which takes time and also needs a good portion of self-criticism here and there. Oh yes, very frequently you need to throw something away, because it’s crap. 😐

More soon …

*that’s the file that you load into your music software, which tells every instrument which notes and chords to play at what time/segment and at which speed.